Pumpkin Patchin

IMG_2014Around these here parts, there’s not a lot of choices when it comes to picking out a special pumpkin, or experiencing what we’d come to love back in my hometown as an annual tradition, visiting the pumpkin field.  Here, you have ONE choice – and it’s a drive!

IMG_2034 A couple weeks ago, we had soccer games an hour (plus) drive away, so we decided to go a little further and check out the ONE pumpkin field even remotely in the area.

katelin canon



In the last years we haven’t been (our first experience was kinda, egh), the farmers have not only decided to grow  more pumpkins, but they made a corn maze, a hay pyramid, brought in livestock, a couple of corn cannons,  a tractor ride, and more.  Our kids did not want to leave.

IMG_2020(Half-Pint was fascinated with these pigs, possibly because they hardly came up for air as they gorged themselves on pumpkins.  Hey, whatever it takes to make good bacon, I’m all for that!)   🙂IMG_2026

There were even freshly made (like as you watch) mini pumpkin spice donuts (eek!) – well worth the long drive!

alivia pumpkin

I started to feel the fall warm fuzzy’s here. It’s been awhile, but now I can say my kids have had a true pumpkin field experience near our little side of the world…and gotten lost in a corn maze.  Perfect fall traditions, kept!  🙂


We only took home one pumpkin, but we raked in a lot of memories and some really dirty shoes.  IMG_2039

Don’t our kids look great at the farm?  In their soccer uniforms?  🙂

hay ride 13

For the grandparents; Half-Pint’s arm IS in a splint here, but she has made a complete recovery and will not need further treatment.  So thankful!

katelin pumpkin

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