Sleepless at the Sea

Sometimes, when baby’s are teething, they decide not to sleep very well…day or night…

This is my life, for over a month now.


I’ve been doing ok, until this last week when the lack-of-sleep truck hit me.

It left me unable to think straight.

This is why blog posts do not appear very often here these days.

And why projects are piling up on my to-do list.

This is also why my older children eat more and more school lunch,

And I keep forgetting things, like a Dr’s appointment tomorrow.  Oops.

I would consider taking a nap, but it’s really pointless.

She has sensors that know when my head quietly sneaks onto its pillow.

I don’t know how, but she knows.

And she isn’t going to let me off the hook yet.

Signing off, One Tired Mama!

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