Toddler Milestones

He’s two and a half.

I looked at this boy today as he ran past me to the “toy-et” to do his business, and I kinda did this gaspy, heart flipping, brain-whirling, double-take.  This is my littlest boy; my kiddo who took FOR-EVERRRR to decide to sleep on his own, who grunted in place of speaking until just recently, and who I thought might wear diapers ’til he was five.


Suddenly, he’s waking up in the morning  and heading right for the toilet, even before his morning wake-up hugs!!!!  If you know anything about this guy, this is very unusual!

He’s saying no to the “die-ter” now, and yes to running fast to do it like a “bid doy”.

He’s picking out his bright underwear to wear, cause that’s what “Daaa-Aaad (note the higher pitch sound for the second part of that one syllable word), and big brother do, and he’s not going to be left out any longer!!DSCN4744

Another milestone being crossed.

Makes me do a little happy dance.  🙂

And a little choking down the emotions.

This is going so fast.

I LOVE this boy and all the adventures we go through.

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