These days


Fall has hit us like an untied bag of leaves.  We were kind of hoping for a more tranquil transition from busy summer to sudden drop-off of busyness after the kids went to school, but we really just exchanged one kind of busy for another.  I’m thinking it just might never slow down again, until the kids leave home anyway.  Just a hunch…. 🙂  

Seth and alivia

The oldest two are happily out kicking the soccer ball at practice a few times a week, with games on Saturday.  Their dad is out there with them, coaching the U10 team (Oldest’s team) and serving as VP for the soccer club.  He’s been doing this for three years now (the last two as President) and is thinking he might take a break next year.  It’s a lot of extra time and commitment he just doesn’t have.  For now though, the kids love having him out there with them and are vying for him as THEIR coach next time.  That’s always a good sign. 🙂

Ethan two1

Half-Pint decided to drop ballet this year because 1) she was bored and 2) she really wanted to play soccer with all her friends, and 3) all of her friends are here playing soccer, not traveling out-of-town for ballet.  It was a good decision because she is having a blast on the field and learning so much…like how to get aggressive with the ball!  And this girl has speed!  She loves running all over the field, possibly more for the feeling of her hair flying behind her, but regardless, she is fast!  It’s a beautiful thing to see her smiling all the time and being a great team player.

Katelin soccer2

Baby Girl is MOVING!  She flies around the house these days on all fours, chasing her running brother, checking out what everyone else is doing, and pulling up on dishwasher, chairs, and coffee table.  I’m convinced she’s decided the night is better spent keeping Mom awake.  And, the day? She’d rather play than  sleep.  (Hoping this is just a phase!!).  Today she decided after nearly two hours of fussing and being laid down for a nap repeatedly, that she just wasn’t going to do naptime.  She ripped her clothes off, cried at the top of her lungs, and stood at her crib rail until I came and got her.  She played for two more hours before finally succumbing to heavy eyelids.  *Sigh!*


Little Brother is talking, talking, talking.  He mimics everything we say over and over and over.  Most recently, he’s started saying letter sounds anytime he sees words, “a, o, eh, t,”  and he’ll point to the letters like he’s spelling the word.  I’m pretty sure this is thanks to the show WordWorld that he LOVES and watches on my phone every time we drive places.  It is so neat to see him learning and “getting” this whole language thing.  For awhile there, we were starting to think he might be a caveman.  🙂

Seth and ethan

My man and I are feeling the countdown towards middle age.  After twelve years of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress that left us in pain every morning, we ran into a killer deal online and got ourselves an imitation FIRM Temperpedic.  Hello mornings of sweet pain-free backs!!  He’s sleeping much better…and I hope to be someday in the not too distant future (see above comments about seven-month old).

What are your fall days like?  Any fun stuff you’re doing with your family?

Mom and baby

Dad and baby

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