Mine, Mine, Mine

I hear those words an awful lot these days from a boisterous little boy!  When a friend grabs his toy.  When his sister gets a little too close to what he’s doing.  When I take something off the table he walked away from.

It reminds me of something that’s “mine” that I should be just as passionate about …

My Man.

We made vows.  We had witnesses.  We’ve made it a public matter.

I am my beloved’s, and he is MINE!!

So stand back ladies and gentlemen, and anything that wants to stand between.  This one is mine, all mine.


I will be by his side through thick and thin, through arguments and laughter, through stress and ease.

I will declare it with my words, my eyes, my actions, that he belongs to me, and I belong to him.  That I’m the one who gets to

care for him

impress him

share secrets with him

argue with him

make up with him

kiss him

share my heart with him

share his heart with him

raise kids with him

enjoy him

tease him

learn with him

work with him

grow with him

respect him

learn him

adventure with him

grow old with him

And in those times when the going gets rough, when things come in that threaten to tear us apart for a moment, I will scream (well, maybe in my head…or maybe not),


He’s mine and I’m his. 🙂  Fishing

And that’s an awesome thing!!

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