Seven and seven


Seven years ago, this beautiful blondie entered our lives and turned our world into a pink paradise, filled with sugar and spice and everything nice!  Including Strawberry Shortcake, homemade cookies, back-rubs, dress-up, girlfriends, dancing, artwork, and rib jabbing.DSCN4645

Her favorites this year are learning to draw faces, soccer practice with friends, PBS Kid’s games on my laptop, her new bike!!, getting letters in the mail, squeezing her little sister, skating, playing with friends, getting home from school, and eating treats.


Girl, you are more than we could ever have dreamed up.  You are beautiful, kind, compassionate, funny, sweet, and full of creativity.  We enjoy every minute with you because you are just that amazing.  🙂

And to add to the fun of a seven year old girl, we have a seven-month old Baby Girl today.  These two make me smile and dance inside when I see them together.  It’s like having cheesecake with cherry topping.  It’s better than any other entertainment…watching a little girl adore her big sister’s every look and silly face, and watching a big girl hardly able to contain herself out of an intense desire to just gobble that sweet thing up.  It’s wonderful.

Baby Girl is celebrating seven months with a nose cold (poor thing!), really crawling – like on hands and knees!, eating all sorts of ground foods, and not sleeping very well at night anymore…..DSCN4591

She is seriously cute, so we forgive her for making us have to drink lots of coffee.

To my wonderful girls – you are God’s perfect gift to us.  We love you soooooo much that it’s impossible for me to even say it all in words.  That’s why I’m going to kiss your blonde and brunette heads again tonight.  Cause I can.

I love you, Beautiful Ones.

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