How to pray…for me.

The other day I was asked by a friend how she could pray for me.

Um, Ugh, sput, sput, sput!!!

I so often am the recipient of prayer requests and people TELLING me how I should pray for them that without fail, I am taken back when someone ASKS me how they can pray…for me.

I know as a matter of fact that my life needs to be lifted up in prayer too, but for the life of me, I couldn’t think of a thing to say to my dear friend.

It was like those panic moments I experienced as I highschooler, talking to a cute guy for the first time, and being asked what I like to do.

“Well…..I read.” (Guh!!!)

Favorite music?

“Uh….lots of stuff.” (Wow!!)

How lame does that sound? Sometimes my mind draws a complete blank…especially when someone wants to know how to pray for me.

If I could have a do-ever, here’s what I’d say.  (Wish I had this opportunity with every conversation!)

  • Please pray for me that I would love God more than anything else.  More than my social life, my computer, my titles, my weight on the scale, my completed projects, my “me” time.
  • Please pray that I would love others as I love myself.  That I would care about their hurts like I weep over mine.  That I would have genuine compassion for their struggles.  That I would laugh with those who laugh.
  • Please pray that I would parent with grace and humility.   Giving of myself, laughing often, gentle in speech,  helping them to succeed, hopeful, consistent in discipline, quick to repent, playful, canoe
  • Please pray that I would be a virtuous wife.
  • Please pray that I will not grow weary in doing good –  When the laundry piles high, the dishes stack up, and the floor and toilets need to be scrubbed.  When complaints come, the accusations are hurtful, and commitment is lack-luster at best.
  • Please pray that I would be diligent to do everything as to the Lord, not succumbing to laziness.
  • Please pray that I would seek after God’s wisdom, when things aren’t difficult.
  • Please pray that my words would be full of grace and truth, careful to speak only as needed.
  • Please pray that my heart will be right before God.
  • Please pray that I would delight myself in the Lord and give thanks in all things.

These are my true needs.

Thanks to all my friends, and those who hardly know me that consistently lift me before the Throne of Grace.  My life is a testament to your faithfulness in this, regardless of my inability to think on my feet.  🙂

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