All I want!

This girl came home from school the other day with a mini treasure chest filled with one cute front tooth.  She was so excited to have it out, I caught her staring in the mirror on more than one occasion and talking extra so she could emphasize her slur.  🙂 DSCN4588

The next day, she came home with two teeth missing!  Now she’s in toothless heaven.  I was informed at bedtime that she prefers not having teeth because she sounds so neat…and now she looks just like the girl in class she thinks is sooooo pretty.  Oh boy!  I remember those feelings when I was her age.

Katelin's two front teeth

Congrats, beautiful girl!  You’re getting closer every day to being the grown up (or “human”, as you like to say) you so desperately want to be.  Enjoy every minute of this wonderful thing called childhood!  You’ll get there fast enough.

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