School starts

Well, it’s happened again.  The lazy days of summer have come to an end and a new school year has begun.  Thankfully, everyone was healthy this time!

Our first and third grader both headed off to school today with confidence and not a hint of nervousness, as though they’d just taken a short little break.  They marched right into their classes, a little older and could it be, a lot bigger than last September?!!!  They both grew up A LOT this summer in more ways than height.

I had my mommy friends over to soften the blow a little this morning as we shared our sudden alone-ness and shock at how big our kiddos are getting.  I’m afraid there weren’t too many tears though… we did a lot more laughing than crying for sure.  🙂  *I love the ladies I get to call friends!*

It’s such an exciting thing to see our kids advancing – growing physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Though I’ve loved every second of their littleness – from their soft, chubbiness as babies, to their toddles and babbles, and first attempts at saying their ABC’s – these new milestones they’re reaching make me proud of who they are becoming.  I love them more and more as each days goes by and am so glad to be their mama.

Happy first day of school to my big boy and girl!  You both are such beautiful reminders to me of God’s great love.  Let’s have a great school year!!  On your mark, set, GO!

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