One Week Left

Yesterday I registered a first and third grader for another year of school.  A first and third grader!!

This next week is the last of summer vacation.  Somehow, summer’s gone all too fast. I’m not ready for the structured days of school yet but I guess it’s time to soak up the last of this vacation and have some structured FUN to work us into the school year routine.


Here’s our list of wanna-do’s before summer break is gone:

~ Go swimming in a pool (We’ve done more river swimming this year, and the kids want a warm pool!)

~ Travel an hour to watch Planes

~ Have at least one more BBQ

~ Do a fun photo shoot

~ Read the books we have from the library

~ Make foods to freeze for school.  I am so excited about the ideas I’ve gleaned off this blog.  I just got my frozen smoothie pop holders, and Glad lunch organizers in the mail and can’t wait to use them.  The kids will not be able to complain about lunch being boring anymore!!  Maybe that they don’t like it, but it won’t be boring!

~ Get a 365 day kids devotional.  We used this one all last year and have just started to repeat days.  Time for a new one.

~ Hang up a weeks worth of outfits for a little lady who struggles to put things together that make any sense when she’s getting dressed.

~ Set the kids alarm clock for 7:15am, and enforce bedtime at 7:30pm.  This is the hardest part of the school year so we better get some practice days in before the real thing happens.

~ Vacuum summer out of the van.

~ Eat popsicles

~ Put important school dates on the calendar.  I forgot to do this last year (pregnant brain) and was constantly lost.

~ Hug, laugh, sing, dance, and play together like always.

I’m looking forward to a great school year, but right now, I’m going to enjoy a really great last week of summer break with my kiddos!  Especially that first and third grader.  🙂

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