Nail Pie

We had a wonderful church-community picnic this last weekend.  It was sunny and warm.  We had fun activities for the kids, live bands that played heart-moving worship music, and there was really, really good food!!

Katelin Baptims

My girl, who later that evening got baptized, won a beautiful blackberry cheesecake in her first ever cake-walk success.  It was so pretty, I took it home immediately and put it safely away in the fridge.  That night, way late for littles to be going to bed, I pulled my super excited girl into the kitchen, got a fork, and we both stole a few bites just to make sure it was as good as it looked.  The smiles and exclamations we shared confirmed what we’d thought.  It was DELICIOUS!!  She made me promise to put it in a safe spot so everyone could have some the next day (she’s so sweet!).  What’s safer than the back of the fridge, right?

Well…weekends around our house are CRAZY.  The next day being Sunday, we were in and out of the house more often than we blinked.  Finally, at the end of the day, as Bible study and soup potluck were over, I headed home (all 10 steps) to feed and put Baby Girl to bed.  The house was quiet and she peacefully ate and ate…and ate.  At some point, I heard some doors opening and closing, but thought I remained alone in the house, plus one four-legged creature who’d been let in.  After some time I heard our dog lapping water.  That seemed odd to me since we don’t have her water bowl in our house. But as Baby was still eating, I stayed put and figured she was cleaning the floor of something – she’s our in-house edible mess cleaner-upper.

It wasn’t until my hubby came in, paused for awhile, then walked down the hallway to look at me with a strangely familiar, “You won’t believe it” stare, I figured there must have been a short, ten fingered rascal in the house as well, causing mischief.  He does that well!

Turns out Little Guy had been fridge diving.  He’d played with the water pitcher, emptying it all over the floor, and taken out the beloved blackberry cheese cake – of all things!!!  At this point, I wish I could have been in his head!  He got a stool and moved it to the counter where I had some nails waiting to be hammered into the wall for the hanging of pictures.  He pushed the nails into the creamy cake and began to eat.  I’m not sure when the dog began to share in the delicacy, but when my hubby came in, she was helping to finish it off quickly…nails included.


We laugh because, really what else can you do?  Getting irritated would be a waste of time! These moments are pricelessly classic!  Life is never boring with Little Guy around.  🙂


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