All over your face

This girl started eating food this week!!!  Yikes stripes – time is flying!!

She loves eating and started off with no hesitancy, no whining, just gobbling it down.  She’s quite happy with the whole thing.

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We started with some mashed potatoes and she slept 12 hours that night. Sweet nights of rest coming my way?

The next night I blended cooked brown rice until smooth and she ate it like a trooper. But, she slept terribly! Tossing and turning, and GASSY! (I promise not to use that word after she’s a year old).  😉

I’ve given it a few more tries, and added applesauce.  Last night she slept better.  I think we’re on to something here.  Thankfully my baby food blender just arrived.  Since I don’t like to buy baby food,  it’s helpful to have an easy way to make our food, her food without using our big blender every time.

**On another note, she’s scooting across the floors too….. Time.Is.Flying. **

Happy six months, Little Girl.   You are such a delight to our family!

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