New friends, and the ones that are becoming “old” friends.

Words sweeter than honey.

Chai Latte for the Keurig.  Good things do come in small packages!!

A big boy playing outside.  All. Day. Long!

A washing machine and dryer!!  Seriously, where does all this laundry come from?

A little boy saying more words, like “PeeshHHHHH, Mama!”  (Please, Mama)

Banana whole-wheat pancakes.  Had them for breakfast and am dreaming of them for dinner.

The first fire of this half of the year.

Kid excitement over new school supplies.  Suddenly they can’t wait for school to start.

The weather.  Yesterday we had Lightning and Thunder and BIG raindrops.

Early morning jogging.

Fresh fruits and veggies from friend gardens.

Pandora…playing my favorite worship songs.

LeapFrog educational videos.  Keeping the brains active during summertime.  🙂

This little chubby girl. She’s an attention grabber…and scoots nicely under the couch.

Which reminds me of another chubby baby not too long ago.  (Little brother about two years back).


These moments pass by so quickly.  Enjoy them. Each and every gifted  one!!

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