Camp Week

After that looong week alone, I decided on Sunday, at the last minute to pack up the kids, the dog (she got to go to a friend’s house), and half the house to live up at camp for a whole week while my hubby deaned his second week of camp.


My oldest was sent off with a packed-by-mom bag of clothes and things, pillow, sleeping bag, and a big kiss and hug to his own cabin.  We made sure he felt “on his own” despite us all being there.  I even resisted the urge to tell him to wear a sweater, drink water, or eat his veggies when I passed him on occasion.

Seth camp 13

It was rather satisfying though when on the second day of camp, he snuck up to our cabin door and sheepishly asked for chapstick.  I do serve a purpose!!  🙂 seth camp2 13

Being at camp was a wonderfully tiring experience as it posed it’s own set of problems for me.  Air mattress sleeping, dirty kids all.the.time, constantly losing my toddler, chasing him with baby in arms, and trying to get everyone to sleep before midnight.  Showering myself became a longed for experience since I couldn’t just leave my kids to hit the shower room.  Some nights I just opted to go to bed dirty too!

DSCN4276So glad I brought trucks for him to play with!  These kept him entertained while I fed Baby Girl, or until someone fun walked by.


DSCN4373This is “Papa”, though not related biologically.  Little Guy has a strong affection for this wonderful man who also served as our maintenance guy all week.

DSCN4361Watching the bird house building, or at least eyeing the hammers being used. DSCN4369Finally getting a chance at using a hammer.  These two brothers helped set up a pinecone catapult for his amusement.  DSCN4370Hahaha, it shot up about 15 feet.  Let’s do it again, and again!!  This was great fun.

DSCN4364One of my wonderful babysitters! She calls Baby Girl hers.  🙂  DSCN4362Yeah!  I’m drawing with this here pen.  DSCN4356Another wonderous babysitter!  These girls are going to be good mamas someday. DSCN4347Anytime I couldn’t find Half-pint, I just had to listen for the sound of teenage girls laughing.  Yep, there she is, getting free rides and such.  DSCN4343

DSCN4324All these boys treated Little Guy like a million bucks.  They wouldn’t let him fall down or be sad or get away without laughing.  Fun for all!

DSCN4283I did on occasion have to carry her, though usually I ended up with an empty front pack very quickly.


It was also a wonderfully inspiring and restful time in ways too.   There were so many eyes and arms willing to help with the little ones, and teenage girls (the dish crew) who doted on Half-Pint like you wouldn’t believe.  They definitely achieved big sister status in her eyes.    There were the meals I didn’t have to cook – or clean up all week, sweet fellowship with our extended believer family, and activities all day long to keep littles entertained as they watched and even participated in different things.  Half-pint did her fair share of swimming, and Little Guy rode on the maintenance four-wheeler, slid down card-board hill, played in the sand and dirt, and made lots of 3rd-5th grade friends who thought he was a hoot.


I didn’t get to really talk to my hubby all week, but we did wink at each other across the dining hall or grab a squeeze as our paths crossed.  It was way better than missing him entirely.  I secretly just enjoyed watching him in action all week, leading, laughing, and keeping the whole camp running.  He had lots of help. Seventeen volunteers came from our church alone.  It was a beautiful thing to see everyone working together, making a fun, safe, and spiritually nourishing environment for kids (and adults) to enjoy for a whole week.


So, we had another successful week of camp, and I’m personally ready to wait a whole year before it happens again!!  🙂  I’m afraid I haven’t been able to convince my kids we shouldn’t just live there year-round though.

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