It’s been awhile

It’s 75 (an actual heat wave here!) and the kids are staying up later than usual, so I thought I’d finally give this old keyboard a dust-off and see what comes out for your reading pleasure.  Hi, by they way!  It’s been awhile.


Life has a way of passing us by without alerting us to how quickly and quietly it’s vanished. Backtracking and taking a glance is sometimes the only way I don’t completely forget the waters passing under our bridge.

Since I last got on here, we’ve had funerals and weddings,  beach outings and trips to stores, a rather substantial vacation time up North, and some adventures in the ER and Dr’s office for myself. We’ve tried to soak in the sunshine, and pull a lot of weeds, run through a sprinkler or two,  enjoy homemade Tangsicles, and eat often from the grill.

So far, summer vacation has proven to be fairly relaxed days, beautiful weather, and as always, slightly crazy happenings for our little family.  But that’s probably mostly the company. 🙂

Aren't they cute?!

Our vacation proved to be wonderful, and hard at the same time.  Traveling is just hard, and as much as I love thinking about it, and even getting ready for it… traveling is just hard, especially for parents!  Can I get an AMEN!?!

The first half of our trip went well aside from the usual adjusting to new surroundings and schedules. We visited museums, parks, and friends.  My big family gathered, and 18 young cousins played seamlessly together.  Our rental house got prettied up once more (it’s an annual thing we do), and a little hamster made it’s way into our family.

That was one big, dark slide
That was one big, dark slide

We had plans to visit more family (including two great-grandmas!), travel more places, take in more activities, and THEN I got sick with what I figured was a nasty bug.  Swollen glands, high fever for three plus days, and no appetite, or even ability to eat.  It wiped me out, and the remainder of our trip was eaten up with me being miserable.  Sounds like a regular vacation doesn’t it?  🙂


By the time we got home, I was starting to be seriously worried about dehydration and lack of calories for me and my nursing baby as well as losing the ability to breath.  A trip to the ER put me on a steroid and antibiotic drip that set me on the path to being able to consume soft foods once more. The verdict in layman’s terms: a big open sore beside my tonsil.   I’m on amoxicillin now, and just  came back from the ENT today where he put a large needle down my throat to drain the “big open sore”.  It was either that, or remove the tonsil.  I opted for the first this time around.  I hope to make a full recovery, and am so thankful it wasn’t catching.

Cousin and Papa time
Cousin and Papa time

The kids have been enjoying the later nights, even sleeping out with the neighbor boy last night, each with their tent on their own side of the fence, counting stars, telling stories, snuggling with the dog, and reading together.  Summertime bliss!

I love it when they share.
I love it when they share.

My hubby is working hard to complete yard and car projects, build a treehouse, and get all his ducks in a row before leaving us for two weeks of camp next week.  We’re determined to go camping and have guests over before that happens too!  🙂 Summer isn’t such a relaxed time for him, but we sure like the fruit of all his labors! Thanks for all you do, Honey!  We enjoy it every day.

Almost four months old.
Almost four months old.

May you have many wonderful red-white-and-blue summer days and nights ahead as we celebrate the freedom and liberty our country was founded upon.

A space rock!!
A space rock!!

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