Summer is here!

Summer break has been in full swing here in our neck of the woods for a week now.  It is so nice to not have a morning deadline looming over our heads, lunches to pack, or school drama to process.  Aside from brother-sister squabbles every once in awhile, the kids are content to just play together!  I’m loving this!!! Kids slide We have the kiddie pool up in the yard,  sheets out for making forts, bikes on the ready, and tans being acquired quickly.

Alivia 2 months

I know in a few months I will be longing for the structured days of fall, but today – ahhh! – I’m sitting back during the little ones naptime with my feet up and my ice-cold water beside me, watching the kids ride their bikes and laugh with the neighbor boy.  Cookies have been shared, popsicles consumed, and I’m thinking sidewalk chalk may be coming out soon. Summer is here!!!

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