Thumbs up!

Ok boys and girls, we have a bonafide thumb sucker in our very midst.  It didn’t take long for this girl to find out that her hand has a built in pacifier.  It’s hard to imagine such a content, happy baby being any more content, but she is even LESS fussy now.  She spends her moments smiling and talking, watching and growing, and now when she’s sleepy  she just pops that thumb in and drifts off to sleepyland. No running for a pacifier or washing hands to put a pinky in only to have my arm commandeered for the next 20 minutes.  Mama’s one happy camper!!!!  Life is just a tad simpler and that’s always a plus.  🙂

Now, here’s to hoping this is just an infant thing and she won’t be a long-time sucker.  My friend just informed me she went to sixteen on this “cute” habit.  Not zesty!

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