Then and Now

Back in “the day” when I was young(er) and dreaming up plans for my life, I would never have said they included being a stay-at-home mom.  Not that I had anything against that, I just wanted to do other things…so many other things.  DSCN3817

See, I grew up in a large family – seven of us kids to be exact, and was the oldest girl (2nd only to my big brother).  I put in my time helping to keep the house going, changing diapers, reading to younger siblings, making lots of peanut butter sandwiches, and matching an insane number of socks.  I daresay, I felt like I’d raised a family long before I had one of my own.  It was hard work and my dreams of a great life included anything BUT the responsibilities and chaos of a home and family.  I decided I was going to travel the world, have a career, maybe get married, but kids…whew! I didn’t know about those!


Fastforward 15+ years:

I now have four beautiful, vibrant, messy gifts from God.  Sometimes my house sounds and looks like a pig-pen.  Other times it’s a basketball court or a play yard strewn with toys.  Sometimes I can’t think straight because there is so much noise.  Sometimes I make more peanut butter sandwiches than should be consumed, and sometimes the chore list stretches to eternity and back again.


But, in all honesty, I am just tickled pink that God would allow me the privilege of being a mom to four amazing, unique little human beings!

In our early married, pre-baby life, I did many of the things I’d dreamed of doing, like traveling internationally, going to college, working, and doing ministry.  But now, with that behind me and kids beside me, I’ve found myself quite content without a “career” or living on a plane traveling the world.  Somehow, the adventure of watching and participating in the lives of these children is so much more exciting! Imagine that. 🙂 DSCN3740

For sure there are mundane aspects of taking care of a home that wear on me, trials that challenge my patience, and the ever-present task of raising children that can feel overwhelming at times.  But, despite these things, I can’t imagine a job I’d rather have, a place I’d rather be living, or a lack of children I’d prefer to have birthed.  Yes, sometimes I look at my husband and say, “What were we thinking?”, usually as all our kids are crying for one reason or another, but it’s always with a smile and the knowledge that there’s no better experience in our lives than to have the privilege of raising these young-uns.


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