On how she came to be here

Words on a screen seem too simple to gather the emotion and love that this last week has held.  Maybe pictures will help.  DSCN3519

Two Sundays ago (the 24th and my due date to be exact), I was mentioning to the myriad of curious well-wishers that this babe inside might be a permanent fixture.  My hubby on the other hand was taking the blame for praying that she would wait until his big weekend was over (lots of meetings and things that needed to be drawn to a close)…and being thankful his prayers were answered.  🙂DSCN3520

That night I crawled into bed wondering how overdue this wee one would be. My other baby’s who came “naturally” were both late, so I figured she would be too.   Somewhere in the night, Littlest awoke and needed me to snuggle him back to sleep.  It was then I noticed how consistently some lower abdomen pains were becoming.  Hmmm, I’d had these before…so I went back to sleep.  Around 5:30am, I woke up and decided to time them.  I couldn’t sleep, so I figured I might as well do something…and I had an app for that!  DSCN3532

They were about 10 minutes apart – and UNCOMFORTABLE!  As kids started waking up, they gathered on our bed and we all excitedly talked about this maybe “being the day”, after all, I was having to breathe through these contractions.

Showing off my IV's. They're just for precaution.
Showing off my IV’s. They’re just for precaution.

The kids have late start on Mondays, so we got up and did our usual getting ready routine.  I also packed some overnight clothes for the kids…just in case this wasn’t “the day” and they had to stay long at the babysitter’s.

Laughing! I can't believe she's here!
Laughing! I can’t believe she’s here!

Big kids got dropped at school at 10am, Littlest at the Babysitter’s, and my Man and I headed North to see if we could have a baby.  Contractions were hovering between 6 & 8 minutes apart.  I figured I had a little while, but decided to be by the hospital (an hour from where we live) whenever that time was.


After walking…and walking…and walking, we had lunch, did some shopping, and walked some more.  No further signs of baby coming…


Infact, my contractions slowed WAY down and became 20-25 minutes apart.  Grrr!!!  I was so discouraged.  At 4pm, I texted the babysitters and told them it didn’t look good for today.  They encouraged me to relax and not worry about the kids.  They’d take care of them for as long as needed. (I just have to mention what great friends we have to take care of our kids.  It’s such a blessing to know your kids are in good hands while you’re away – having baby’s and such).

So happy! And thankful!
So happy! And thankful!

As soon as I finished texting, a HUGE contraction stole my breath AND my discouragement away.  Was this progress?   The mall seemed like a good place to go, so we walked there for awhile before getting some dinner.  The contractions were consistently 4-5 minutes apart after our jaunt through the mall.  A really good fish taco and a whole lot of water later, I was REALLY ready to head to the hospital.


Triage confirmed I WAS in active labor and 5.5 cm dilated when I checked in at 6pm.  I’ve always come in at 3cm, so I was excited to say the least.  Things were looking good for making the delivery before midnight.
I have the privilege of being a VBAC success story, which also means I have to be on consistent monitoring as soon as I check in.  I believe in allowing your body to labor as naturally as possible so laying in a bed being monitored is not my definition of a good labor experience.  Thankfully, being mobile is no problem these days and I was able to walk around, sit on a “Peanut” ball, and choose whatever position worked for me to deliver.  After my water broke, things sped up big time!!  And man those contractions were PAINFUL!!  This story would not be complete without me bragging on my man who was right there through it all, holding my hand – or allowing me to squeeze the life out of his anyway, rubbing my back, making me laugh, and just being his AWESOME self.  I love how the welcoming of a new child brings us closer even than we were before.  It is an amazing experience to walk through pregnancy and delivery, and parenthood, with your best friend and true love!  Ok, I’m getting all emotional now so back to the baby story…


Finally at 9:15pm, our baby joined the world by making her appearance much faster than anyone had expected, including our doctor who didn’t even get a chance to glove-up before someone yelled, “Catch that baby!!!!”


Unlike my other births, I welcomed our newest girl with laughter rather than tears of joy this time. She came so fast, I didn’t have a chance to get all emotional.  I was so shocked to have her thrust into my arms, I just laughed!  It was a joyous and beautiful occasion.  A perfect ending to a long 40 weeks!

And she makes six
Going home
Going home


She is a precious, beautiful gift with all her fingers and toes, a healthy dose of hair,  and a family that just adores her.  We are ALL so thankful she’s finally here and doing so well.  Welcome little baby girl!

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