While we wait

I missed church on Sunday!  I don’t just do that, ever.  I wish I could say it was because I was having a baby, but I wasn’t.  Just feeling crummy and very tired as my body teases me with pre-labor for the third week.  And I have to be honest, I didn’t want to be the center of attention.

 “When is that baby gonna come?”  “You look like you’ve dropped!”  “You still need to drop.”  “Have you tried castor oil, bouncing, walking really fast……?” “My babies all came early.”  And, “Wow, you’re huge!  Are you sure it’s not twins?” Rub, rub, rub.

I don’t have a problem with any of these comments, and I love all the commenters, but this last week, I’ve kinda lost my ability to be ogled over.

So, I turned on Bob the Builder for the little guy, cuddled up on the couch with him and dozed for the next hour and a half as my older kids hung out at children’s church and my hubby preached what I heard from others was an awesome message.  I’ll have to listen online later.

In these last days before our little lady appears, I’m trying to keep busy.

  1. Cleaning up after kids – I know, hard to imagine, huh?  🙂
  2. Making cookies – I froze a bunch in small Ziploc bags so they can pull out just what they need for a quick dessert.
  3. Breathe……..that was a contraction, again.
  4. Bible study.  Trying to stay ahead of the game so I’m not too far behind once the baby comes.
  5. Laundry, laundry, laundry
  6. Washing floors
  7. Changing all the sheets
  8. Dusting
  9. Catching up on magazine reading
  10. Painting thrift store hooks and shelves to hang on kids walls
  11. Cleaning out the clothes and shoes that are getting too small for littles.
  12. Online shopping
  13. Paying bills
  14. Going to the beach
  15. Reading about and watching labor & delivery videos.  It’s a sickness I get when I’m pregnant.  🙂
  16. Planting seeds in the greenhouse
  17. Trying to remember to water the seeds.
  18. Pulling weeds
  19. Watching Netflix videos with hubby.  Our favorite right now is the Coach series.
  20. Breathe……….there’s another contraction.
  21. Catching up on organizing digital photos and ordering prints so I can get current in our photo albums.
  22. Starting in on our new baby memory book…and trying to stay up to date with Little guys.
  23. Taking down spider webs
  24. Naps
  25. Cleaning up my apps and freeing a bunch of space on my phone.
  26. Taxes – DONE!!!!
  27. Painting toenails, including my own.  I’m pretty impressed I still can.
  28. Cutting kids hair
  29. Reading them stories
  30. And another contraction.  See, these things are constant.  But no results.
  31. Crafts with the kiddos.  We have a fun jar full of ideas when they’re bored.  We’ve been using that a lot.
  32. Mending little tears and missing buttons
  33. Trimming my bangs
  34. Vacuuming
  35. Washing the dog beds
  36. Watching my kids play
  37. Enjoying music
  38. Sweeping under the couches.  So THAT’s where those went!
  39. Brushing the dog.  She doesn’t get enough of this.
  40. Making food, freezing leftovers
  41. Getting all the details in order for childcare while we’re at the hospital.
  42. Drinking.  I feel like I can’t get enough fluids.
  43. Contraction…….whew.
  44. Washing windows
  45. Cuddling with kiddos – I was told by both my older kids they are ready for me to be skinny again.  🙂  Me too!

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