A little zombie relief

Spirit week included zombie day at our local public school.  To put it mildly, we aren’t fans of celebrating  zombies.  I know that makes us oddities these days, but in our home, we celebrate life, sorrow over death, and anticipate a day when there will be no more.  So, when the entire school was encouraged to dress up like “animated corpses“, we decided to treat our kids to a whole lot of beauty and awesomeness instead.  They got to anticipate a surprise adventure for Friday all week, and were so excited to inform their friends and teachers they wouldn’t be there on zombie day because their family was going to go have fun.

The weather happened to be in our favor for our planned surprise, though we had a back-up plan in case of rain.  With 60+ degree temps and clear blue skies, we headed off to a beautiful beach about an hour from us – one we love, but can only visit maybe once a year.  The whole day was awesome!!  There were hot dogs over a grill, sand for every crevice and building project, wave jumping galore, tans acquired, and dinner at a newly discovered restaurant.

On the way home, we heard  “THANK YOU!!  That was SOOOO much better than zombie day!”

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  1. I seriously question some of the decisions our schools make, why not choose something that brings a happier thought to young children, like a pajama day or backward clothes day.

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