39 weeks

Odd, it’s what I’ve been doing…Keeping track of the odd weeks in my pregnancy.  I don’t know why.  I’m really kind of an even steven when it comes to number tracking, but it’s how it’s worked out, so I’ll go with it.  🙂

This week has been LOOONG!  I feel like having a baby.  Every part of me is saying have a baby, except that it takes more than that… something about being in REAL labor…


I have been experiencing contractions, aches, pains, nausea, nesting urges, and other “signs”, but so far those haven’t made a baby appear.  And if there was some proven way to make it happen, I would have done it.  This being my fourth baby though, I’ve decided to just let things happen when they do and not try to encourage labor.  No hill hiking, no spicy foods, no bumpy truck rides.  I’m not in the mood for more pain with no results. Babies come when babies come.


I’ve just decided to try and be ready every day and enjoy the last moments of sleeping at night (kind of), wearing make-up, doing my hair after long soothing showers, and keeping my house in as good a shape as possible with three kids.

Focus, focus, focus.  She will come out. She will arrive this month. This won’t last forever.  I will wear non-maternity clothes again.  I will be able to sleep on my back and stomach very soon.  I will not be swollen every time I drive somewhere.  I will want to walk again.  I will be able to do normal things without breathing hard, or grunting when I bend over.  Focus, focus, focus…………………..


Little girl, Your family wants to meet you!  Today would be nice.  🙂

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