37 Weeks…so close


That’s the baby girl bulge!!!

My doctor appointment last week had me measuring almost 36 weeks, so she’s catching up.

My symptoms?  Well, I’ve been pregnant for 37 weeks now, and my body tells me it’s about time to be done.  Sleep would be nice (I did sneak in a nap on Superbowl Sunday, thankfully!).

My hands and arms have this tendency to go “dead” all night long.  The other night I thought my middle finger might be lost for good it took so long to get feeling back into it.

The hips are yowzers!  Feels like they might just snap right off.

THE hernia. I had an above the belly button hernia with my last baby, and this pregnancy has not spared me by any means.  It is big and it is painful some of the time.  But I think it’s stretched about as far as it’s going to and I’ve gotten used to it and know how to make do each day – mostly by not being too physically active.  My doctor thinks it will heal on it’s own, so no surgery planned for that lovely.  (You can see it in the picture.  It’s why my belly looks larger on the top than the bottom).

My feet are oh.so.large!  I have some swelling, but I think they’ve also just spread out a mile wide.  Flip-flops are my best friend  – and going barefoot.  🙂  It’s great living in a mild climate!

Accident prone should be my middle name.  That and FORGETFUL!  Not only do I spill everything onto my built in table, but I walk over those small objects that feel like torture, and bump into chairs, my bed, doors, etc.  I don’t remember even simple things I’m supposed to do, or what my kids or hubby told me three minutes ago.  It’s why I make daily lists, even for my most basic of days.

Only two to three more weeks!  I’m excited to say the least.  The bodily sacrifice will seem small when compared to the bundle of girly joy we look forward to meeting soon.

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