So, I have a 21 month old.  I just wrote a nice post about him…and left out a large bit about the craziness he brings to our lives.  Let me fill you in with one example of such craziness.

Thursday was my birthday.  My hubby planned a beautiful dinner with friends, and didn’t let me lift a finger.  They brought the cake and a few food items, he cooked the meat and beans and made a Caesar salad.  It was wonderful. I was spoiled, and loved it!  🙂

Only one hiccup in the whole day. Let me preface it by telling you about our bathroom that sits off the kitchen.  It has a toilet that likes to plug.  It will appear that everything has flushed, but come back an hour later, and the toilet reeks and is very obviously filled with…regurgitated solid matter.

Enter said 21 month old into birthday activities:

Birthday preparations are going well.  I’m sitting at my computer, not lifting a finger to help with the meal, balancing my checkbook, and admiring all the hard work my man and kids are up to.  I notice Littlest chipping right in, setting his little plastic cups up on the already decorated table.

I continue on with my number crunching, smiling and encouraging the little guy for being such a big helper.

For some reason, after the third cup, I decided to step in and stop him before he pulled everything out of the drawer (we have a “kid” drawer full of plastic cups and plates for them to access easily) and messed up the already set and decorated table.  It was then I noticed these cups were being filled with water, first. Got me wondering, “Where is that water coming from”.  I followed his noise and caught him in the act, hand in the plugged toilet, dipping another cup in for a refreshing batch of crud.

Not realizing the extent of what he’d done, I washed him down, cleaned up the bathroom and took the cup to be sanitized.  I then moved to the table to take the other cups off.  The smell was overwhelming!  He had filled those cups too, and one had spilled on the table (remember it’s set already) down onto a chair and is SPLASHING all over the floor.  WOW!

Needless to say, the bleach water came out and everything got a good washing!

This child is amazing.  I had to laugh, or I would have cried.


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