21 Months

I have so much fun with our little guy.

Daddy's shoes
Daddy’s shoes

He is full of energy, discovery, and joy.  The moments we share when his brother and sister are at school are absolutely priceless.  Even though he’s my third, I feel like I have opportunity to know him like he’s a first-born.  We share a lot of hours just the two of us, finding out who he is, and what makes his world go round.


As of this month, he’s saying words.  And I mean REALLY saying words.  Here’s a few examples of how we hear it.

Car – “CaRRR”

Helicopter – “Cop-crr”

Dog – “Duggg”

Bird – “Brd”

Truck – “Cuck”

George (Curious George) – “Gij”

Ice cream – “Iss”

Tractor – “Cak-or”

Jacket – “Cak-kek”

And my personal favorite right now, Beach – “beePchhhh”

When he wants a drink, he sticks out his tongue and points to it while saying “ik” for milk and “uh-uh-uh” for water.  🙂

He loves sitting on the running machine.
He loves sitting on the running machine.

Singing away – songs that have no particular tune or words, he’s trying out those vocal chords and repeating the songs the oldest two are singing all the time.

Climbing – on chairs, couches, bunk-bed ladders, stairways, countertops, and stools.  This boy is adventurous! And made of rubber, I’m convinced.  He very rarely cries when he falls, and if he does, it’s short-lived before he’s off doing it again.  No lessons learned.


Trying out the toilet – I got all excited and bought little underwear for him to get used to wearing and keeping dry.  That lasted about a day.  He’d rather just run around naked.

Reading, reading, reading – He has about three favorite books that we look at and talk about over and over until mom or dad say it’s time to do something different.

Sitting at the table – though He has a nice high chair, it’s stationed far enough away from all of us that he gets distracted and starts throwing food to the floor.  I put him on a stool and placed him right beside me at the table and what do you know, he eats a whole lot better, and less mess on the floor.  The dog is not appreciating this move and her sudden shortage of table scraps to enjoy during dinner, but the older kids really like having their brother so close and even fight over who’s turn it is to sit next to him.  To be so popular!!!


Making noises – from the simple purr of the car, to the rumble of a dump truck, or the toot of a train, play time has come alive and is so fun to listen to.  He’s also a master of loud bodily…noises.  The raucous laughter from his big brother and sister I’m sure had something to do with the great excitement he puts into making these as loud as possible.  I have to admit, he makes belching seem really cute.  🙂

Working – He just wants to mow the lawn, or pick up sticks, or sweep the floor.  I love this stage when work’s a fun thing.

Cuddling – Sometimes I wonder if toddlers have a sense of a big change about to happen, but this month especially, my little mama’s boy has become even more sweet on me, cuddling up for cozy moments to just get as close as possible.  Sometimes he’ll kiss me over and over, other times he tucks his head onto my belly and just lays there.  This morning he actually kissed my belly.  I will take it while I can!


Tractors, fire-engines, and cars, OH MY! – These are all the rage right now in his life.  Stuffed animals, not so much, but if it drives, picks up big things, or makes loud sounds, he is In.To.That!

I love you, my nearly two year old.  You are such a blessing to our lives and home.

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