Taking a hike

My hubby and I have a some favorite activities we make a point to do often, one of which is hiking, and basking in the sun and God’s creation. I guess that’s more than one favorite.  Oh well.  🙂 We’re not die-hard hikers,  but we really enjoy a good scene and the physical exertion expended for the beauty taken in.

Can't get enough of the hand-holding!
Can’t get enough of the hand-holding!

The addition of children to our family has increased the preparation for even an easy hike, ten-fold.  There’s the hats, water-bottles, sweaters, diapers, etc, etc, etc.  We used to be able to jump in the car and go.  Now it’s more like a hike before we hit the trail.

Recently, our oldest kids have added a new element to our preparation as well.  Both will repeatedly ask to do something else, anything else.  “We just don’t like to hike.”  Infact, this last outing I was even asked if they could stay home alone!  I think in high school I would have said,  “As if!!!”   For some reason, they think we might change our minds in favor of  staying home and doing nothing.  Silly kids!

Is that brother-sister sweetness?
Is that brother-sister sweetness?

Thankfully, we know that somewhere between stepping foot out of the car and onto a new/old trailhead, the reasons they didn’t want to come are *quickly* forgotten and we have to do our best to keep up with their exuberance in exploring. It’s not long before a stick has been discovered to be the “perfect” weapon for warding off bears and every flower and pinecone needs to be ogled over and collected for later delivery to their nature piles at home.

A great fort in the coastal trees.
A great fort in the coastal trees.

I’m so glad my parents pushed me outdoors when I didn’t want to, and I’m really thankful we live in a place where we can expose our kids to the wonders of God’s amazing creation on such a consistent basis.  And so we keep at these jaunts so our kids (and we) can have lots of memories of all the FUN hikes we took together as a family. The smiles below made the sun seem even brighter and the waves a little blue-er! Someday my blessings will discover why we love hiking, and maybe they’ll even appreciate being made to pick up their feet and follow us.

My handsome biggest boy!
My handsome biggest boy!


My sweet girl staying back with mom so I didn't hurt myself going down the trail. :-)
My sweet girl staying back with mom so I didn’t hurt myself going down the trail. 🙂

What do you do to get your kids out and exploring?

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