36 Weeks Big

My last OB appointment had me measuring at 32 weeks, at 35.  I hope that doesn’t mean this baby takes longer to arrive than I’ve been anticipating.  I’m already feeling like this should be done!

Baby girl isn’t much of a kicker.  More of a slider and jabber…maybe we have another dancer on our hands.   She’ll slide her behind from one side of my belly to the other and push her rear out repeatedly.  She’s also been a low baby, and dropped already, so I’ve had no problems with ribcage beatings or lung compression.  It’s been easy breathing for the most part.

Thankfully she’s in a head down position, and the Dr thinks she’ll be a little smaller (his guess is 8 lbs 8 oz) than my last (9lbs, 3oz).  Here’s to hoping he’s right!!

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