I have friends blogging and Facebooking about snow…and feet of snow…(sigh!)… and frozen pipes and such, but despite our truly insignificant cold weather, I just have to share our little bit of chill too.  It’s small, but it’s different and I love it.




For the last four nights we’ve had below freezing temps.  The days are gloriously sunny and warm (t-shirt weather), but the nights make a roaring fire just perfect for gathering around.


When the sun is yet to peak over the hills, and the grass stands crisp and white, I have a strong desire to head out into the cold and go crunching around.  Usually it’s just not practical for me with all the morning’s rushing around, but this morning, after the two oldest were gone, Littlest and I donned our mittens, hats, and jackets and went frost exploring.


It was well worth it. I crunched in the grass to my hearts satisfaction and enjoyed the little guy figuring it all out.  After a half hour or so, Littlest was shaking from cold (I was comfortable, thanks to my 8 month old heat pump), and ready for some cuddling with mom on the couch.


As he thawed out and watched Curious George, I couldn’t help capturing the sun welcoming itself into our home. A perfect start to a beautiful day.


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