Getting ready

I find these last weeks of pregnancy to be exciting, despite the aches and pains of an enlarged and off-kilter body.  Kind of like getting ready for a fun trip or a big party.  I’m keeping busy with the whole nesting process of cleaning things out, freezing meals, setting up baby stuff, and making numerous lists to check off (I can’t remember anything these days) because who’s kidding, this welcoming a new child is exciting stuff!


(Homespun booties for our baby)

We officially have a girl’s room and a boy’s room now, both equipped with bunk beds for two of each kind.  Half-pint is super happy to be surrounded by her things, have a closet full of just girl clothes and basically be engulfed in pinks and purples to her heart’s content.  Oldest was so happy to have just a boy room, he threw everything remotely feminine out his door within five minutes of me saying I was working on moving his sister to her own room.  The boys are enjoying their space together, and our girl is anxiously awaiting another little female to join her in her pink paradise.


(A gift from a church member)

My body is starting to really ache, which makes me feel like the day is fast approaching.  Unfortunately, my babies like to come late, so it may be a little slower going than I’d like.  Regardless, I’m planning that it could be any day…starting next month.  Thankfully, I feel more prepared this time around than ever before.  Kinda done this a few times…. 🙂


(These booties were in a lady’s cedar chest for 30 years!  She decided it was time to let someone enjoy them.  I can’t wait to put them on our baby girl’s tiny feet).


The closet is stocked with little lady clothes – thanks to my sister’s hand-me-downs, some of Half-pints things, and a few visits to the thrift store.  Do you think she’ll have enough shoes?


We are so excited to welcome this little one to our family, to hold her in our arms and love her in person. A little life, about to change our family, again.


  1. how exciting!!! 😉 I just had my first 6 months ago and it is just AH.MAZ.ING! 🙂 You posted that you were freezing some meals…i’m trying to get the hang of doing that! haha mind you.. I have never been a cooker really..but I am considering being a stay at home mom and obviously this would cut back on some time and money!! Do you have favorite recipes you would like to share? 🙂

    • Hi Kali,
      Congrats on your first baby. They are wonderful!
      I was planning on writing up a freezer meal post here in the next day or two. I’ll include my favorites, which are all really simple. Simple is my thing. 🙂 If it takes too many ingredients or too much time in the kitchen, it’s not in my recipe book. I prefer meals that can slow cook in the crock-pot or “fast” cook on the stove/oven. So, I’ll get to that post soon. Happy cooking. 🙂

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