Eight hours

     9AM ~ Learning how to be gentle with baby


10AM ~ Week 34… Feeling good, but very full of baby!


11AM – Watching Curious George, his favorite.  Runs in the family.


12AM ~ lunchtime is always best with peanut butter AND milk.


1PM ~ Naptime in his big boy bottom bunk bed.  He just moved here 5 days ago. Now the boys share a room.


2PM ~ the late bird caught the worm.  I couldn’t believe how long this struggle lasted before the bird really GOT the worm.  It was a good five minutes!  That is one determined worm Mr. Robin is partaking of.


3PM ~  My order arrived from Walmart.com.  Our kids LOVE this peanut butter!


4PM ~  Snack time. A spoonful of peanut butter is at the top of his favorite things!


The artist is home from school


5PM ~ reading up on a few things, this fourth time around.


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