A “typical” day

It has been noted at our house that people drop by *unannounced* an awful lot.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to drop by someone’s house without alerting them that I’ll be coming. You just never know what you’ll run into.  Being in a parsonage however seems to beckon people at any time, for any reason,  meaning we have a busy front door and rarely know when it will occur.

We were considering this a couple of weeks ago when we had out-of-town guests.  It happened to be the days before Christmas so there were a lot of gift-bearers, but we also had the church key-needers, the random deacon asking about this or that, and friends who just wanted to say hi – oh, and let their dog in to play with ours.

This isn’t a seasonal occurrence.  It is in fact a rather typical day in the life of this parsonage-dwelling family.

Here’s how yesterday went, just to give you a clue.

It’s still Christmas break around here, so we’re taking the morning pretty easy.  We woke up around 7.  The kids start trickling into our bed for some cuddles, until they are so squirmy and wormy, we have to kick them out as none of us are actually fitting on the Queen size mattress anymore.

I head to the kitchen to start breakfast, while my hubby catches up on the latest news.  The kids are all engrossed in a Curious George or something while I make waffles and ignore my beeping phone…seriously, texts at this hour of the morning!  🙂

All of us are still in our bathrobes and pj’s.  Why not?  It’s Christmas break.  Breakfast eaten, the kids go to finish their show, while I head to the shower.  I’m in no hurry because I have no appointments, and my hubby is babysitting.  Ahh, I love moments like this!

On the outside of our house, someone has decided to take down the nativity in front of the church.  Our daughter’s doll is baby Jesus, so of course it needs to be delivered back to its rightful owner.  In bathrobe and messy hair, my kid-watching man answers the door and is handed a very soaked dolly.


Thankfully, I get dressed and ready for the day before our next church member decides to come visit.  He’s a deacon and interested in replacing the outdated chimney pipe.  He then is not only invited in to chat, but is given a tour of the kid’s new bunk beds (on the day I decide to change the room configurations… everything’s pulled out and a huge disaster!).

While he’s here, still chatting 2 hours later, a traveling missionary stops by.  We’d known he was thinking of coming, but had not received confirmation as to when.  He shows up just as I’m setting food in front of my littles for lunch.  I made them yogurt parfaits.  Guessing he’s not a yogurt parfait kind of guy, I open the fridge and discover I’m out of just about everything I would feed an adult for lunch.  Hmm…guess hubby’s taking him to the diner.

*Deacon decides he’ll go home*.

The rest of the day goes on without interruption, amazingly enough.

Now incase you think this is a random day, here’s what happened today.


The morning routine finished, I am resting my enlarged belly for a few moments when I get the alert via text that above mentioned deacon is on his way over to install the new stove-pipe.  Now, in this town, when that alert is given, it means I have about 1 minute flat before they are knocking on the door.  Guess it’s time to get moving.

I decide to go about my day regardless of his need to be in and out of the house constantly. I just move things to the back bedroom so I’m not in the way.  I thought this would be a couple of hours work, max.  He’s here all day.

In the mean time, I get a delivery from FedEx, three stop-ins from a lady in the church who locked her church keys in the church and needs to borrow mine.  returns the keys. and then comes to inform me that the fans are running full-speed in the church and she can’t figure out how to turn them off.  Each time, we chit-chat about various topics.


Later in the afternoon – amidst hammering and vacuuming around the wood stove, Littlest is napping.  Another deacon shows up to mow the lawns.  Amazingly, Littlest sleeps through it all.  Soon deacon #3 arrives to chat about a new intercom system they’re working on installing in the parsonage.  There must be a call out to the deacons today.  I’m starting to wonder who will show up next.

The stove job didn’t get finished.  Deacon #1 will be back tomorrow.

And by the way, none of these things were pre-planned.  They just happened. Thankfully, we have pretty flexible schedules, and I’m a stay at home mom. What would we do with our time if we didn’t have all these visitors I wonder.  🙂 My kids certainly wouldn’t know what to do with themselves as they currently have constant entertainment either in the form of watching things out the living room window, or actually climbing ladders and being a part of the action.  It’s quite a place to live.  And I rather enjoy the adventure!


  1. Hello!
    Your blog brought me a smile just now, it’s lively to hear of someone who has a life similar to mine – we too live in a parsonage (we call it a manse), and life is filled with unannounced visitors… It makes life very interesting! You have a beautiful family. Bless you.

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