Those little things

Sometimes the things I want to remember as a mom are truly just the nitty-gritty of everyday life with kids.

Littlest is saying words now – gasp! – can it be!  Where do the days and months go?  The most recent are “gock” (sock), “gackgor” (tractor), “oo” (wood), “boo” (boots), “bubs” (bubbles), “uhs” (eyes),  “no” (nose), AND my absolute FAVORITE, “Uhhh-Ohhh” with the biggest eyes and lips stuck out to form the most dramatic of sounds.  It’s all I can do to hold myself together and not laugh every stinkin time he says it.  🙂

Mama is very important to this high energy, increasingly bigger boy, and I get the love lavished on me with kisses and hugs overfilling my cup for every what-not reason.  It’s tenderness and innocence like nothing else.  Dad is in high demand too with lots of wrestling matches, trips to the woodshed for our daily fires, and just general rough-housing that mama isn’t very good at (or in to. Shhh!).  There’s lots of sticky fingers and dirty cheeks that touch furniture and windows, but also stroke my hair (too rough), pat my back when needing a hug, or reach eager for my finger to lead me to see something.

He’s begging for chocolate (yes, I have an all-out sugar-aholic on my hands) every few hours, building towers he exclaims over in high shrieks of excitement, only to destroy them in one fell swoop and whoop of laughter.  There’s the pulling down to give last hugs in bed,  the last moments of baby-ness, the giggles when he gets found playing hide and seek behind the curtains, and the drama of getting shot with his toy gun and hugged every time I need to “come back to life”.  🙂

I love this baby-boy!


Then there’s my dreamy, dancing girl who flits through my day in an almost butterfly like way.  Sometimes, she is so quiet as she sits and draws I could easily forget she was there. And yet, she has a presence about her that doesn’t allow for that.

The big words she’s using these days come out misused on occasion but she’s trying!  Like her desire to not be “bash-fulled” by Dad’s praise of an accomplishment, or talking about the “womans” over there, or using “like” in every sentence (thank you, public school).   Her mind is busy processing things heard/seen, and it’s in the quiet moments of car rides or bedtime when she opens up and questions until she can decipher things to her satisfaction.

School is a breeze.  She’s kind to all, eager to learn more and is well on her way to having every song and story memorized to share with us at home. Her greatest desire is independence, and yet, she still really wants mom to help in so many ways.

Creative cooking is her thing.  She’s happily gathering a drawer full of her own kitchen tools to pull out and use at any moment the opportunity might present itself.  And so the struggle pursues me of when to turn over certain responsibilities.  When is the right time to let her cut bread, peel a potato, stir a hot pot?  She wants so much more than I’m willing to allow, yet….

This girl has a heart for others and my mama heart sings when I see her decide to bless a neighbor with goodies, hug a “grandma” in the church, joke with her favorite “uncles”, or choose not to participate in hurtful teasing done by friends.   It’s the growing and changing that is so hard, and yet so rewarding.

I’m awed and excited to see this sweet girl becoming more mature every day.   Yes, I love her much!


Biggest brother is testing his abilities and newfound independence that’s come with age.  No longer is a simple ride on his bike sufficient.  It MUST include stunts and as much of his body off the contraption as possible. No longer is playing with toys enough, now he needs to build things.  Right now, that’s mostly airplanes.  Our house is filled with little models from bygone eras and the latest, greatest fighter jets, all made from paper or cardboard.

He’s all about hunting and fishing, building and destroying, creating and improving…and I struggle daily to back off, and let him be this developing MAN-child.   There’s a sweet tender side too. One that still enjoys his favorite stuffed animals in bed and longs for companionship while doing just about everything.  I even get the occasional hair brushing from this quickly changing boy.  Mischievousness is top priority on his list, though not always appreciated when someone else does it back.

There’s responsibility emerging too as he learns that leaving a messy workspace means lost productivity….and allowance.  That setting the table nicely works better than throwing everything everywhere, and missed dog “treasures” means lots of stinky shoes…which of course he doesn’t mind too much as long as they’re not his.   🙂    We’re still working on the dirty clothes on the floor rather than in the laundry basket two feet away, or the turned-inside-out socks I find in every corner of the house and couches.  Someday….maybe, but today…

I just love him oodles!


These days I’m learning to truly love these kids in all their individuality, and love the One who is Love to me and who reaches out for an intimate relationship despite my immaturities.  I can only say, “Abba, Father.  You are good to me.  May I be good to these wee ones – these treasures on loan for a short time.”

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