gallery Dance Off

We love Pandora around here.  Most of the time it’s played over our wifi BlueRay, through our stereo, so it’s big time sound all through the house…and when music starts, it doesn’t take much to get a dance-off started on our living room floor.

Here’s the scene:

 Dad turns on the music, way loud.

Littlest starts clapping and spinning in circles.

The fire is roaring (the room’s close to 80′).

Two more kids bound into the room from whatever corner of the house they were in.

Everyone is interpreting the music in their own unique dance style.

There is a lot of laughter as they dance their hearts out.

Pretty soon it’s a sweaty mess,

clothes are coming off,

 and everyone is bumping into and falling over each other

Such great fun!

Tonight’s music genre was Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Holidays.  Whew-ee!!!  Littlest was loving it…so much he lost his diaper somewhere in all the craziness.

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