Missing weekly menu

In case you were waiting with great anticipation for my weekly menu and shopping list last Monday, I’m sorry to disappoint.  Thankfully, there probably was nobody who even cared, but here’s what happened.  I did all my homework, got recipes in order, typed out my menu, added links for anyone who likes to follow those around, and made up a super handy shopping list, only to lose the whole thing when I went to publish it.  It was such a process to do it, and this being Thanksgiving week and all, I decided to turn off my computer and just wing my shopping trip…since I have a lot of practice doing that anyway.  And so far, we’ve been doing just fine.

I will be back on the train this Monday with a new weekly menu and shopping list, and this time, I’ll save it.  Honestly, you wouldn’t have wanted to see how many meals I planned to incorporate turkey into this week anyway. 🙂

So, all that to say, I think it turned out for the best that all my work went down the cyber drain.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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