Post holiday post

The last of the pots and pans are drying on the counter, the final dishwasher load is running, the floor has been swept and rugs vacuumed. We’ve  slept and nearly gotten the turkey out of our system, just in time for turkey sandwiches for lunch. 🙂

This year, tradition was broken from what we normally do (travelling to be with family), and new tradition was made as we ventured into our own family creation of a Thanksgiving Day celebration with those we found who were without family on this family kind of day.  We ended up with 11 guests who blessed us with their company on our first hosted Thanksgiving.

I roasted my second turkey, ever – this time I used our church’s roasting oven.  It was so easy and freed up my oven for making a stuffing casserole and keeping things warm until the big meal.  I will definitely do that again!  After a whole day of cleaning, cooking, washing, folding, dusting, decorating, and yard work, we were able to finally enjoy the fruit of our labors with our guests. From elderly widows to young children, we had a great time laughing and talking about the past, enjoying the warmth and cheer of the moment, and dreaming about the future…all the while filling our bellies with so many good things.  One of the families that joined us has severe food allergies, so they brought sugar-free, gluten-free desserts and rolls to share, along with all the other things I made and guests brought.  There was much more than the table – or we – could hold.  But all so good!  So as tradition would have it, we just kept trying to hold more. 🙂

In the evening, the adults ventured outside with the kiddos (who’d been outdoors from the time the last bite hit their stomach) to say good-byes, throw the football around and enjoy a few minutes of sunset as the sky lit up with hot pink clouds.  The Christmas lights came on and we shivered from the cold before we said good-bye to our last guests, and headed inside to light a fire and eat pumpkin pie and popcorn for dinner.  Oh yes, and we enjoyed an episode of McGyver (our oldest’s new favorite show on Netflix) with the littles.

It was a wonderful day that we’ll always remember.  Our first ever, Thanksgiving Day at our house with our local “family”. People that are new friends, and others who have become “old” friends over the last three years.  God is good!

By the way, honestly, there were kids at our meal…I guess we lost them at the kid’s table, which was obviously too short for the picture.  🙂

Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice five kernels of corn on each bread plate.  Check out this link for the reason behind them.

In addition, here’s a look at our,  now annual, tradition of Thanksgiving Day’s origins.  We have had quite a history in this country of giving honor and praise to whom it is due!

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