Weekly Menu

This is another weekly menu post.  Sorry if you were looking for something more exciting tonight, but this is all I’ve got.

I loved having a menu to go off of this last week.  Not every meal went as planned since, in our ministry life, we often don’t know what’s coming next.  Someone invited us over for pizza one night, we had to go to the doctor (an hour away) for a sick child another afternoon (we settled for fast food, bleh!), and one day I was so distracted with kids at home all day, I forgot to soak my pinto beans for the tacos.  That night we ate leftovers.  🙂

Other than those few times, I used my menu every meal and loved having everything in order way beforehand.

I’m still discovering what amounts of protein my hubby needs for each meal.  Last week, I fed him oatmeal with apple and walnuts chunks one morning.  He was starving by 10 (he admits he didn’t eat it all so it’s partially his fault ;). – Love you, Honey! – This week will reflect some changes made to the breakfast menu because of that.  I also am trying on “clean” eating – ie: no mayo, ranch, etc, but rather using Greek yogurt and other seasonings to get a better taste with less STUFF we don’t need.  So far, so good.  I used Greek yogurt for tuna sandwiches with a little pepper, and seasoning salt and it went over very well.  Hubby said it was way better.  SCORE!

So, here’s the next installment to my family’s weekly menu.


Breakfast – Scrambled eggs and bagels with Nutella/Cream Cheese, fruit

Lunch – in town

Dinner – Pot Roast with carrots & onion w/ Baked potatoes

Wednesday (Sewing class for kids, Leadership training seminar)

Breakfast – Breakfast Casserole in crockpot,  HARDBOIL EGGS FOR LUNCH

Lunch – “Clean” egg salad sandwiches, Wheat Thins, fruit

Dinner – Cabbage soup (didn’t make this last week and need to use up the cabbage!)

Thursday (Bible study, Ballet)

Breakfast – Cereal, protein shake for my man

Lunch – Deli sandwich & Chips w/ homemade salsa

Dinner – Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken, rice, and green beans

Friday (Nutcracker practice)

Breakfast – Egg, Bacon, Cheese, English Muffin Sandwiches

Lunch – Peanut Butter & Jam, Apple slices & Cheese and crackers

Dinner – Crock pot chicken chili  and cornbread

Saturday (Sunday school prep)

Breakfast – Name pancakes, eggs

Lunch – Annie’s Mac & Cheese with Turkey dogs OR chili (he-he, spell check doesn’t think chili is a word!!!)

Dinner – Leftovers

Sunday (Thanksgiving Potluck – yay!)

Breakfast – Cereal, protein shake for my man

Lunch – Bring crock pot of mashed potatoes & homemade cranberry sauce to potluck

Dinner – Snacky foods (ie:  popcorn, veggie platter, cheese and crackers, etc)

Monday (Elder Meeting)

Breakfast – Breakfast burritos

Lunch – Deli Sandwich, Chips & salsa

Dinner – Ham & Potato Soup

SHOPPING LIST (I will be purchasing most of my Thanksgiving menu this week as the store I shop at has a great deal; spend $150, get a free turkey)

Raisins – these are Littlest’s favorite “occupy-yourself-while-mom’s-cooking” snack 🙂

Cream Cheese


Potatoes (three 10lb bags) – on sale for $.99/each

Ground beef (1 lb)



English Muffins

Fruit – whatever’s on sale


Green chili’s – 1 can

Mom’s Best Cereal

Deli Meat


Greek Yogurt




Stuffing Mix



Sparkling cider

I’m sure I’ll hit the $150 mark, and then some.  We are having a huge group over for Thanksgiving so I’ll be buying in big quantities for some of these items.

What are you making this week?  I’m always looking for ideas.

You can follow my menu idea board right here, on Pinterest.

May all your meals be made with love this week.


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