Growing up

Littlest has the advantage of experiencing things much sooner than his older brother and sister.  I didn’t dare, or even think, to bring a chalkboard/whiteboard easel home before they were 3ish.  Somewhere in my head I thought, “Oh that would just be a big mess!”  And it probably would have been.  But when you’re the third child, you have so many people to watch and from whom to learn how to do things.  And you also have all the supplies readily available, much sooner than they did.  This little guy is a monkey-see, monkey-do kinda boy!

This is his current toothy grin.  He does it when he’s super excited and hopes everyone else notices too.  🙂

Of course, when he stood up, he had to push his chair back in, because that’s what we all do when we get up from the table.  Such a responsible boy.

And, his favorite part…erasing it all and starting over again.

We have had a few messes where he takes the chalk away from it’s designated location and draws on the toy box or cabinets, but chalk washes off easily, and he’s learning where it goes and doesn’t go.

He’s a growing up boy.  Pretty soon, he’ll get to teach his little sister all the great things he’s learned.

I love this kid!

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