Three Little Punkins

My kids LOVE dressing up!  Perhaps that’s why we have so many different hats, dresses, play sheets, bandanas, etc.  Halloween is just a great excuse for them to leave the house with one of their favorite outfits on.  It’s also a holiday I’m not fond of, so I don’t spend much (you’ll never catch me at Walmart buying premade costumes), if anything on it, and I certainly am not contemplating costumes before the 20th of October for sure.  So, it takes a little creativity on our part to make something work for this annual parade of costume-ry (did I just make that word up?).

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Our Oldest hatched the idea to be a pirate months ago.  The only problem was that his idea of pirate, and my idea were completely different…but I didn’t know that until yesterday.  He finally defined that he wanted to look like the CAPTAIN of a pirate ship, with fancy hat, big overcoat, and of course an eye patch and sword.  My idea was closer to a pirate crew-member I guess, with a simple bandana, cut up shirt sleeves, and a sash to hold his sword.  Over the course of the day as I worked to make my idea, and he struggled to convey his idea, he determined (I was there long before but I was trying to keep that thought to myself :-))the pirate costume was not going to work. Several other ideas got tossed out before he landed on a safari explorer, which we could definitely make happen last-minute.  I think we were all much happier, though he did have to leave his sword behind.

Half-Pint wanted one thing, and one thing only –  to be a fairy princess. This is her one day each year when she gets to wear mom’s make-up, and we went all out with lots of glitz and glam.

Littlest was a big pumpkin (and yes, I did buy his costume – for $2 at Goodwill).  He loved every second in that suit, especially when he figured out he could slide around on the gym floor.  He wanted to sleep in it, but I’m assuming that would have been a safety hazard so instead he just got the cute stripped pants and too large t-shirt for bed.

Along with our much-anticipated pumpkin carving tradition, we also did our usual harvest party thing again. Thankfully, there’s another church in town that puts one on and does a great job providing a safe and fun place to play games, eat food, and get the next few months worth of candy.

I have to admit, I do like the specialness and anticipation this holiday brings each year for our family.  And thankfully, my kids no more want to dress in scary costumes than they want their arms ripped off.  So, we make it what we want, and again had a wonderful, memorable day of it.

Until next year….

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