Things I don’t do well

I am a pastor’s wife.

I think I’m “supposed” to play the piano, have guests in my home all week, send people birthday cards, head the deaconess board, run the children’s program, and have a meal picked out a week in advance for potluck Sunday.


Well, not really.

But, sometimes I feel like it.

Tonight is the eve of potluck Sunday, and for some reason, I always have such angst when I consider what to make.  Should I stay up late making it?  Should I awake extra early to attempt culinary art?  What will people think if I just bring Jello – again 🙂

I know some women can do it all and succeed at making a gourmet meal to share at potluck….one of the oohh and aahh kind of meals.

Not me.  I try, but almost without fail, my grandeous ideas of a fresh pie or homemade meatballs don’t materialize in favor of finishing my Sunday school lesson, comforting a child, or just going to bed at a good time.

I do have an excuse tonight…I’m writing a blog post……………..I mean I spent all day an hour north at the Dr’s for a little girl who has a UTI (after serving her time on antibiotics for an ear infection).  Poor thing.

Now if I was an overachiever, I would be working hard to make this yummy looking dessert I found on Pinterest I’m eager to try, but alas, I’m stuck in my chair, contemplating my move to bed.

I suppose I shall remain the pastor’s wife who does NOT do fancy potluck food.

Or play the piano.

Or have people over for lunch every Sunday.

Or run the church office….

But, what I do, I do whole-heartedly for the Lord.

I do love my husband and children and all that entails.

I do teach Sunday school and manage the nursery and hold Bible study in my home because these are what I can do right now.

I do go to bed at a good time because that makes for a much nicer wife, mommy, teacher, and friend.  🙂

And, at this time of my life, my potluck meals will remain simple.

So tomorrow, I shall bring my fail-proof chili bean dip with corn chips that requires zippo time to prepare, and gets eaten clean by all the growing kids (and the kid’s at heart) in our church. It will be made with love and eaten with joy.

Whew, now I can say good-night.

May your Sunday be refreshingly restful, filled with the joy of simple contentment in the life you’ve been given.

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