Beach Day

Thursdays are busy days around here, especially this last one.  I hold my Mom’s Bible study all morning, Half-pint dances in the afternoon, it’s often a camp work-day/meeting day for my Pastor-Hubby…as it was this week, and soccer practice in the early evening for Oldest and Coach-Hubby.

Oh, and on top of all that, our water was off ALL DAY LONG!  Broken water-main was the word on the street.

But, there also happened to be no wind, pure sunshine, and 75′ temps for our fall pleasure.  One of those kind of days you just don’t let pass you by without seizing it and using it for all it’s worth.

Which is why we squeezed in a stop at the beach.  Cause we can.  🙂

I heart my three beach babes!

It wasn’t until we got home that I remembered there was no water to wash the sand from every surface of the kids.  I started imagining how many baby-wipes it would take and who I could call for a quick hose off.

Thankfully, that is right about when it came back on, pumping chocolate-brown water for a good 10 minutes at every faucet.

Mmmm!  🙂

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