Sunshine after rain

Where I grew up, we had downpours on occasion, but mostly rain and drizzle, and in all fairness, the occasional sunny day, but here on the coast, when we have a system move through it comes with serious amounts of water from the sky, blow-ya-over winds, and then it’s gone,  ALL gone!  I love it.

On Monday we had a  rain storm.DSCN2733

That’s two kids out in an evening downpour with their adorable umbrellas (yes, one is a giant duck head) we picked up at Goodwill, brand new.  I finally gave in and bought umbrellas after nearly three years of living here.  Rain comes with such intense wind in this part of the world, these things just don’t last very long.  But, when they’re only $2 a piece, and the kids REALLY think it makes the play-in-the-rain time so much better, the umbrella’s short-lived lives are worth the pleasure my kids get!

Littlest and I stayed inside by the ROARING fire that warmed our house up to about 80 degrees.  I opened just about every window in our house  and it was still hot.


After the kids were soaked from top to bottom,  and thoroughly chilled, they came inside to put on cozy PJ’s and we all put together a puzzle.  I ended up finishing it the next day, but it was a fun one for all of us to work on…minus Littlest who *perhaps spitefully?* ended up losing a few pieces for us.  We did find them…outside…the next day.  A good dry-out and heavy book on top of them left them in ok condition.

The next day we woke up to no clouds, no fog, nothing even slightly precipitous in the storm’s wake.   Just clear blue skies and warm temps (if you think 63 is warm anyway :-).

This called for an outdoor after-school playtime, and baseball was the name of the game.

At least it was attempted.  🙂

Half-pint got into the wind-up…

Can you spot the runaway ball?

This game came with homemade bases and all!

Littlest got in on the action too!  Aren’t those cute cleats he’s wearing?  This boy loves going barefoot, let me tell ya!

We even had a flyover from the Migrating Canadian Geese squad.

A little brother break with the  drain, throwing pebbles in, of course.

Batter up!  This girl is too silly!

Someone’s not keeping his eye on the ball.

I spit it out, Mama!  I promise it’s not here.

Gloriously good times with these beautiful blessings!

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