Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Around here, I specifically like the month of October and all the feel-good things about it.

  • The leaves are oh so pretty and fluttering to the ground…thankfully, it’s so windy here, we don’t have to rake. 🙂
  • Crisp nights – which means cozy fires are in order – and yet the days are LOVELY!!
  • Settling into the whole school schedule and expectations.
  • Soccer season under way.  I love cheering on my soccer star and connecting with other parents as we stand on the sidelines.
  • Soup recipes finding their way to our table again
  • Accessorizing with scarves
  • Pumpkin-y scented candles lit all day at my house.
  • Blankets piling up on beds.
  • Fall colors!!
  • Apples!  In every color and variety.
  • Pumpkins!  Oh how I wish there was a pumpkin field nearby.  My kids (and I) really miss the days of pony rides, corn mazes, hay forts, apple cider, and best of all…picking out their own pumpkin.
  •  Getting to wear tights and my tall boots again.
  • Going to bed earlier…sometimes 🙂
  • Tea, hot chocolate, warm cookies, coffee, fresh-baked bread….  yes, this is a wonderful time of the year!

What do you like about fall?  Any special memories you cherish from this season?

Here’s some fall pictures of my oldest two back when they were just two and three.  SO CUTE!!

Ah, the memories associated with leaf piles are so wonderful.  But, we could never have one where we live now.

Love this picture!  And that chubby-cheeked boy!

Back when their pumpkin was a little more their size.  Now they pick the biggest thing they can find.  🙂

Treasure the moments you have today with your wee ones.

They grow up so quickly!

And yes, I am old enough to say that now.  I think 🙂

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