Newly six

There was a sunny September day six years ago that my hubby and I traveled to the hospital early in the morning, with a 39 week baby held in my womb, STUCK breech.  Believe me, we’d tried every avenue we heard of to try to get it to flip, including a very painful external cephalic version.

My heart was racing as I checked in, not knowing what to expect with the dreaded c-section I was scheduled to have.  This was not how I’d hoped things would end up, but a healthy baby was top priority.  The doctor couldn’t determine why she wouldn’t move, and why she was smaller than most 39 week babies.

We ended up with a wonderful outcome –  a perfectly healthy, sweet baby girl whose cord had been wrapped around her neck a couple times. I’m so thankful for the safe delivery of our “stand-up” girl as we enjoy yet another year of life with this vibrant, beautiful blondie.  

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For her birthday celebration this year we took a four-day trip that included  swimming and playing with cousins, visits with Great Grandmas,  aunts and uncles, dinner out with Papa and Gramma, horse riding (her much requested treat and thanks to Great Uncle D and his gentle horse) – a special visit and celebration with her bestest bud, a small family party, and a move up to the top bunk! Our little lady is growing up!

We love you, Half-pint.  You are our joy and grace-full blessing. We praise our Father for your safe arrival six years ago, and every day we are privileged with your sweet smile and spirit.

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