Wow!  These days it’s a constant game with Littlest to see who can get things done the fastest.  He: getting himself down to his birthday suit – Me: turning my back to do a load of laundry, cook food, make a bed, etc!  Surprise, he wins every time and ta-da, I turn back to find a thoroughly naked child screaming in delight that’s he’s FREE, FREE AT LAST!

He hates his diaper, and thankfully, the weather has been agreeable enough to allow him the freedom to run without.  I’m hoping he gets some inclination towards using the toilet with this heightened sensitivity towards being diaperless, but for now, it’s just a love of the nude.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of bark chips in our yard, along with rocks, splintering wood, bees, and other hazardous surfaces for a bared boy.  He feels no pain…or at least shows no signs of pain…and plays on/with it all.  I spend most evenings soaking him in the tub and removing splinters. 

I have a jungle child!!

This is his signature pose, though usually clothed, as he walks around and ponders things.

p.s.  Please don’t think he’s blue from cold.  That’s grey dust from the gravel.

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