Words on a page

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.  The enjoyment of sitting quietly, flipping through pages of words can be attributed to my parents, especially Mom, who instilled in me a love of learning through reading.  If you walk into my parents house, you’d understand what I mean.  Bookshelves are abundant, and full.

 ~  “A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others.”  Abraham Lincoln  ~

Not only did Mom acquire books for us to read, she taught us how to read, and read and read them to us.  So did Dad.  I have fond memories of lying around on the living room floor as a kid while my parents took turns reading us long stories of adventure, discovery, faith, and courageous heroes. 

~  “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”  Emilie Buchwald  ~

We were also faithful – and possibly dreaded – patrons of our local library.  There was no limit to the amount of books we were allowed to check out (though the content was closely monitored by Mom).  I remember the librarian’s raised eyebrows when we’d haul our stacks and stacks of books onto their desk to be checked-out.  We paid our fair share of library fines too for all the lost/late books that didn’t make it back in a timely manner.  Oops 🙂

~ “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”  Harry S Truman  ~

Like my parents before me, I’ve tried to instill this same love of a good book in my kids. I think it’s working.  All of them love to look through books and now that my oldest is reading, and Half-pint is working on it, they’re starting to really enjoy just words on a page – no pictures required.

Littlest is finding out he’s one lucky little brother…and I’m finding I’m suddenly a freed-up mama.  🙂   There’s just about nothing sweeter than a rocking chair full of kiddos digesting a picture book, passing on the enjoyment of holding a story and discovering something new – together.

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