Finally there!

It was a good night last night, with no coughing and lots of deep sleep for Oldest.  He finally got his 10 days of sickness done, and was ready to jump out of bed this morning to go to school.  Our first boy is officially a second grader.  His first words to me at pickup time, “Mom, I have the worst teacher in the whole school.”  Me: “Why’s that?”  Oldest: “She is all about work, and no play.  She just makes us work and work and work. I don’t like it!”   Ha ha! Sorry, Bud!  It just gets harder from here on out.

I have to point out the large gaps in Oldest’s mouth ~ in the last week he’s lost three teeth.

There’s a lot of slurred word’s coming out of there.  🙂

Soccer practice started after school today and ballet will begin soon too.  I see a lot of taxi-ing in my near future.

Have a happy Friday!

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