Lazy days of summer

Doesn’t this just say it all!  I’d never seen Littlest sleep like this before.  Usually he’s tucked in a ball on his side or tummy, and on occasion, sprawled on his back.  This is a new one for the record.

The last days of summer break were lazy.  With one sick kid or parent in the house constantly for the last six weeks, we haven’t done a whole lot beyond our borders.  The projects stacked up;  the lawn went unmowed, laundry filled every basket, dishes were not washed in a timely manner, and the bathrooms…I’ll stop now.  You get the idea.  For all the lack of work though, we certainly put a lot of effort into relaxing and trying to soak up all the goodness of the sun and fresh air.  It worked because we’re all better now – well, almost.

We all participated in downing our fair share of homemade popsicles, smoothies, and slushies.  There’s nothing better than something cold and sweet when your chest hurts, you have a fever and no appetite.  The sun and good pals help too!

This little guy is a wonderful helper.  And I’m not just saying that.  He gets all excited when he sees the vacuum and starts pointing to all the crumbs on the floor that need to be cleaned up.  He will actually stick with the task until it is done and cries when the vacuum is put away.

Small town church ministry is quite a responsibility for the pastor.  My man wears the hats of pastor, teacher, organizer, landscape professional, builder, fixer, secretary, visionary, and more.  I’m always so impressed when he can come home and hang those hats up to be a devoted  husband and dad and just chill out with his loved ones.

I love this boy!  One Saturday, he took off outside after breakfast, pulled out some scrap wood and his tools and worked all day on SOMETHING.  I’m not sure if he knew what his final product would be until he finished it, but he sawed, drilled, screwed, and hammered until he finally came to me and said he had something to show me.  He took me to the back porch and there was a beautiful bench.  His first words were, “Sit on it, Mom.”  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sure about sitting my weight on a seven-year olds creation, but I figured it wouldn’t kill me to fall one foot.  So I sat down and surprisingly, nothing moved.  It was solid!  On Labor Day, he pulled out the paint and now we have a pretty blue bench on our back porch.

I love this picture!  Littlest has really connected with our dog recently.  They both love food off the floor and she takes great pleasure in the treats he drops from his high chair specifically for her.  Buds for sure!

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a blackberry pie.  We’ve been waiting all August for the blackberries to ripen enough to get a big bucket full to make a pie.  This one was specially made by Half-pint and it was SO GOOD!  She picked the centerpiece cutout, a butterfly :-).  This girl loves to bake.  Her brother helped make these yummy homemade brownies  after she made this.  (We skipped the frosting since they were really rich without).  It was a sweet day!

We’ve been reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder  to the kids at night (I meant to have it done by the end of summer, but lack of voices left us not reading for a few weeks).  We’ve all come to gain a new/renewed appreciation for the hard, hard work our ancestors poured into their families, homes, and land in the early days of this country.  Almanzo was 9 and 10 in this story, and he was out working physically harder than most adults work in their entire life nowadays.  Not only did they raise animals for sale, but they produced all their food from their land and animals – for the entire year – made their own clothing out of sheep’s wool, tools, buggies, fences, buildings,  EVERYTHING!  Totally self-sufficient.  Reading this has made me feel especially lazy this summer.  🙂  I’m so glad we have these stories to share with our kids.

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