First Day

**EEK*  It’s happened!

My little girl jumped out of bed this morning with curlers in her  blonde hair, made her bed, dressed in the clothes I’d set out last night, got her hair fixed, barely ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, and posed for pictures before taking off for her FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! The day I’ve been dreading and looking forward to all at the same time is finally here.   And I didn’t shed a tear.  I’m pretty impressed with myself.  🙂   Half-pint has been craving some  independence and adventure.  Being home alone with Mom last year was fun and yet so totally boring for her. Going to school, playing, reading stories, playing, having friends, playing…all right up her alley.  I hope she focuses a little on the learning part too.  🙂

There are 23 kids in her class, which is a HUGE group of students for our small town.  I drove past the school after lunch and there were all the kindergarteners running (her favorite athletic activity) around the track at full speed.  She was at the front of the pack with a giant smile,  completely in her element.  This is one happy (proud) mama!

I can hardly wait to hear how her day went!

Unfortunately big brother didn’t get to join his sister for the first day of school.  He’s still coughing terribly and can hardly eat.  Poor thing had to watch movies, have mom and dad all to himself for part of the day while littlest napped (quite a treat for a firstborn), and eat ice cream.  I’m afraid he may not want to go back to school for awhile.  🙂

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