While we were out…

It’s  been a long month and a half, or so.  We are finally on the last child going through this weird sickness we’ve all had. Aside from each of us having our own 10 day bought with the BUG of the year, we did have other things going on throughout August too.

The two biggest things were VBS and hosting our first community-church picnic.  Both went really well, and thankfully, I was recovering from my sickness, and hubby waited until the day after all of this to get his so we were able to be a part of it all.

For VBS,  I had the privilege of being the Bible teacher.  Our theme was shining God’s light, and I got to teach about Jesus bringing Light to a dark world.  My hubby was the director so WE did all the shopping, planning, organizing, and prepping.  Whew, so happy that’s done, and so glad the kids had fun and learned better how to SHINE GOD’S LIGHT!

We followed up closing down VBS with a few more hours of  preparing for the picnic/concert that evening.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to show you, but it was a blast.  There was a jump house for the kids, a hay maze, yard games, watermelon seed spitting contest, basketball games, pie contest, cake walk, fresh popcorn made by none other than me, a pioneer wagon, amazing food, and a country concert put on by Charlie Walker.   We had over 150 attenders,  which is a huge representation of our little community.  It was awesome to see so many kids and young families excited to be a part of our church’s annual picnic.  My hubby directed this whole event too so “exhausted” described him well as we crawled into bed that night.

The next day, we put on a  VBS celebration Sunday to let the church see what had been occurring the previous week.  Afterward, I surprised my hubby with a family vacation at a hotel for the next two nights. (Little did I realize he was coming down with my sickness).

Our kids were soooo excited to be going to a hotel…with a swimming pool, and the city we went to had some well-known restaurants…something we really enjoy and miss here in small town.  The kids swam before dinner, after dinner, after breakfast, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner, and again after breakfast the next day.  I think we got our money’s worth! 

Oldest brother snorkeled the whole time.

Half Pint swam, and dunked, and jumped, and flipped, and generally just had a great time.  She loves the water.

Littlest enjoyed a couple hours of water time, mostly on dad’s shoulders and jumping off the edge of the pool.  He had no fear that we wouldn’t catch him and even got bold enough to jump the opposite direction of where we were.  Crazy boy!!

On Monday night, we decided to try bowling with the kids for the first time.  While looking for alleys, we learned that there’s a free summer bowling program for kids called,  Kids Bowl Free – and it works just like it sounds. Two games FREE, every day, all summer long for kids. All you do is sign up.

  The kids got this cool tool to help them aim the ball and beat me really bad because of it.  I think we’ve found a new favorite family activity, during the summer anyway 🙂

I bowled my worst game, EVER!  I’m blaming it on my enlarged belly….

Littlest was fascinated with the balls popping out of the hole, as well as the long, lit up lanes, which unfortunately he chose to run down.  I ran after him, hoping to catch him before he made a strike with his own  body.  I found out the hard way that this particular bowling alley greases their lanes as I hit the ground like a load of bricks on ice.  The only way off was to scoot very unbecomingly off the lane like an injured beached seal, dragging my child by his clothes.  Needless to say, my tailbone is gonna be sore for awhile.

This handsome man bowled like a pro.  Made my game look even worse.

In addition to swimming and bowling, we also took the kids to a movie – something we never do in our little neck of the woods – and visited a drive through safari, which I’ll share in another post.  I didn’t have our camera along for any of this, thus the less than fair quality photos.

By the second day of our vacation, my hubby was having the aches and chills.  Time to head home, but it was still a really fun trip especially for our kiddos.

(For entertainment, all this guy needed was to be let loose in the hotel hallways).

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