Alive & well, almost

You probably didn’t know this, but I’ve been OUT.  Out of life that is.  What happened is that I got the nasty 10 day bug my daughter had that includes really bad lung congestion and an on and off fever.  My fever lasted about seven days , and I lost my voice somewhere in there.  I have yet to find it in its fullness yet, but at least I don’t have to whistle at my kids anymore, though I do sound like a life-long smoker.  Today I got up and thought, “I feel good enough to make my bed”…and that’s saying something ’cause I haven’t made my bed, or wanted to be out of it for  some time.  I don’t think moms should be allowed to get sick. It’s just not right.

Now my littlest is hacking away, though he’s much more resilient than me.  Aside from his barking cough, you’d never know he’s sick.  Today he’s out in the sunshine shoveling dirt and chasing the bunny.  When I was sick, you couldn’t have paid me to do that.  Part of getting older I guess.

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